Ghani: World Must Realise Afghanistan Still Exposed To Threats From Taliban

President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday, met with reporters who had returned from Doha after covering the direct peace talks between the Afghan government delegation and the Taliban.

The journalists shared information, insights, experiences and recounted the meetings, interviews and discussions with the negotiating delegations.

Welcoming the reporters, Ghani said it was Afghanistan’s “collective wisdom” that enabled the government to remove the existing obstacles to start the talks.

Referring to the role of the media and journalists, he said they played an important role to raise discussions about the future and answer people’s questions, to ensure the “openness and plurality” of the Afghan society.

Ghani also emphasized that no force can change the nature of the Afghan system and the first and second chapters of the Constitution which lay down the state and the fundamental rights and duties of the citizens.

“Collision prevention is both out goal and we have the capacity to do so,” Ghani said.

The president said the Coronavirus revealed the world and the region’s weaknesses but Afghanistan easily passed the first wave.

“Climate change and the fifth wave of global terrorism are, however, other drivers of the current turmoil that remain perilous and pose a threat to many countries, including Afghanistan,” added the president while underscoring that collective efforts and action is required to overcome the turmoil.

Ghani said Taliban must understand that they are not facing a particular group but a “pluralistic and free society”

“The world community should realize that Afghanistan is still exposed to the threats caused by the Taliban,” he added.

The president underscored the need for a resolute national discourse to enable all citizens, including youth and women, to raise their voice and added that further investment will be made on Afghanistan’s human capital and freedom of expression.

“Although the road to peace is difficult, we must turn the window of peace into a gateway, a road and a corridor of peace,” Ghani concluded.
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“We cannot wait halfway and we cannot forget the peace that is the basic desire of our people.”

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