Government Announced Information System Plan, Second VP Danish Emphasises on Press Freedom

Afghan government finally announced its flagship information system plan in a ceremony as Second Vice President Sarwar Danish made an addresses. It was pointed out that there are 1,879 active media outlets in Afghanistan.

Second VP Danish explained at the ceremony that there are 96 TV channels, 65 radio stations and 911 print media in Kabul, along with 107 TV channels, 284 radio stations and 416 print media in other provinces.

Danish also remarked that the achievements of the past 18 years, especially press freedom, should not be sacrificed for peace, adding that freedom of press is a basic need for lasting peace in the country.

In his address he also clarified that all cases of violation against journalists, amounting to more than a 1,000, have been assessed by government over the past few years.

Afghanistan lost 16 journalists in 2018, four more than in 2017, ten of the deaths occurring on a single day in April, as reported by The International Federation of Journalists.

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