Government Ready to Hold Presidential Elections on Time: Spokesperson to President


Spokesperson to President Ghani held a press conference today in which he answered several questions.

He was asked to explain about the the upcoming Geneva Ministerial Conference on Afghanistan next week to which he first clarified that not only will President Ghani be attending the conference, but also to clear that the conference won’t involve any donor countries making new pledges.

On being asked about the recent rumours regarding General Dostum being barred from traveling abroad, the spokesperson shunned such claims.

It was also stated that the Khost attack which took place yesterday will be duly and seriously probed into.

The spokesperson explained that militants are far from winning as they have not been able to have even a single district under their control for a considerable amount of time.
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Finally, the spokesperson clarified about the presidential elections saying there will be no delay in their conduction and they will be held on the date they are scheduled- April 20, 2019.

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