Grand National Coalition Will Have Presidential Candidate Soon, Plans on Prime Ministerial Position

On Thursday in a press conference, Zia Massoud stated that the Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan will have “strong participation in presidential election”. Massoud said that the GNC is soon to unveil the presidential candidate. He also said that the presidential nominee and the electoral ticket will be given to the members of GNC which will consist of 8 people, including the president with 3 vice presidents, and the executive prime minister also with three deputies, “we will amend the law based on our proposed structure once we win the election.”

Zia Massoud also clarified that the Grand National Coalition will “not accept ballots that were cast without biometric verification process”, while referring to results of parliamentary elections.

Speaking about General Raziq’s assassination which happened 2 days prior to the elections in October, Massoud expressed that the Grand National Coalition of wants a serious investigation of General Raziq’s assassination, saying “the government should soon find culprits of Gen Raziq’s killing.”

“We want changes in the leadership and the members of the Independent Election Commission. The Commissioners should be changed,” expressed Massoud on the matter of efficiency of the electoral commission.

This comes after there is pressure on the commission to conduct presidential elections without delay and hassles by April 2019.
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While President Ghani has announced that he will be running again, other candidates are yet to be unveiled.

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