Human Rights Watch Needs The ‘Right Glasses’ Says Saleh

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said on Sunday that Human Rights Watch (HRW) need to check their facts and are misjudging the issue of the two women journalists being allegedly mistreated by Kabul Police.

“It is an absolute lie. The South Asian branch of Human Rights Watch needs the right glasses [ right judgement]. They do not see right now,” Saleh wrote on Facebook regarding the case where the police had raided the home of two women journalists who were hosting guests around midnight.

Saleh said the residents of the street had complained about the loud music in the house at midnight and the police had asked the apartment owner to follow “urban ethics.”

Saleh warned that instead of cooperating with government forces, they have been insulted and called rude, and these cases “will not go unanswered.” He said they have a system in place to monitor such events.

The vice president said that in the past 24 hours, Kabul had reported seven criminal cases and the goal of reducing crime had not been achieved yet.

He also said that 603 high-rise buildings in Kabul, which are responsible for 40% of air pollution in winter, have been ordered to install smoke filters or action will be taken against the National Environmental Protection Agency for failing in their duties. According to him, with the arrival of winter, the citizens are worried about air pollution.

He also reported that they were taking action in Musahi districts and are in contact with people.

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has been asked to simplify the process of vehicle registration and not cause disruption, Saleh warned.

He also noted that the Kabul Municipality has made progress in removing encroachers and land grabbers.

He also added that they were following up with the people regarding the security programme in western Kabul.

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