Human Rights Watch Urge Foreign Donors To Support Girl Education in Afghanistan

The Human Rights Watch on Saturday stated that Afghanistan’s foreign donors should ensure that priority with regards to financial aid is given to education and health, particularly for women and independent media in the conflict- ravaged country.

The statement has come two days ahead of the Geneva conference, to be held on November 23, 2020, where discussions over “funding commitments” are expected in the backdrop of worsening health situation in Afghanistan due to the pandemic.

Human Rights Watch Associate Asia Director Patricia Gossman said the conference is an opportunity to protect human rights especially that of Afghan women and girls and give them the platform to access better education and health, adding that “Talk toward ending the conflict don’t make this the time for donors to reduce funding for Afghanistan’s most vulnerable communities. Afghanistan’s future-hopefully a peaceful and rights-respecting one- depends on having an educated and healthy population.”

The financial support to Afghan children, especially girls and vulnerable communities by foreign donors has not only catered as a financial relief but also delivered a social message that girls have the right to study. Now there are several organizations within Afghanistan that operate from homes, promoting “community-based education”, enabling girls, children with disabilities, and the ones from displaced families to study.
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Several Taliban-governed districts also house nongovernmental organizations, particularly for girls, to avail them education.

Human Rights Watch also stressed that Afghan government should address instances of corruption in teacher recruitment and make public schools accessible to everyone.
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It also urged the donor nations to contribute to support girl education and community-based learning in Afghanistan.

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