IEC Admits Possibilities of Delay in Presidential Elections

IEC officials say that in the upcoming elections, the use of biometrics should start even with the voter registration process.
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They point that some Afghan citizens will be registered for first time in the presidential election, including people who will reach the legal age for voting by then, immigrants who return to the country and people in insecure areas that are going to be safe and prepared for the election.

Sayyad also expressed, “There are some preparations for the presidential elections, which, considering our limited time, would be difficult to achieve. We strive to announce a timetable that is feasible.”

Abdul Bade Sayyad, the head of Independent Election Commissioner

Sayyad also added “Given the little time we have and the complexity of upcoming elections, it is possible that presidential elections may not be held at its appointed time, however we will try our best to hold the elections on time.”

On the other hand, IECC’s Rohani responded by saying that “IEC has repeatedly said that some inevitabilities have prevented the presidential election from being held on time. IEC should share these inevitabilities with the people of Afghanistan, otherwise they should not violate the constitution.”

Rohani also suggested that so as to prevent fraudulent voter lists, IEC should include three items in its electoral calendar-voter lists announcement, time for dealing with electoral complaints, and announcement of voters’ final list.

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