IEC Declares Preliminary Results for 5 Provinces


The Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the preliminary results of parliamentary elections for five provinces-Samangan, Nuristan, Maidan Wardak, Sar-e-Pul and Kunar-on Saturday.

The results are as follows.

IEC results show three men and one woman winning the seats in parliament from Samangan province:
Abdalullah Mohammadi wins with 9,604 votes
Hayatullah Samangani wins with 9,265 votes
Ziauddin Zia wins with 6,262 votes
Mahbooba Rahmat wins with 3,161 votes

Maidan Wardak:
Three men and two women have bagged seats in parliament from Maidan
Wardak province:
Alhaj Abdul Ahmad Durrani wins with 7,731 votes
Abdul Rahman Wardak wins with 6,893 votes
Mohammad Mahdi Rasikh wins with 6,025 votes
Halima Askari wins with 3,219 votes
Hamida Akbari wins with 2,539 votes

Four men and one woman have secured seats in parliament from Sar-e-Pul:
Mohammad Akbar Sultanzada, wins with 9,328 votes
Assadullah Ayubi wins with 7,933 votes Sayed Mohammad Mohsin Sharifi Balkhabi wins with 7,825 votes
Alhaj Hamidullah Beg wins with 6,253 votes
Aziza Jales wins with 6,056 votes

According to IEC results, two men and one woman have won the seats in parliament from Kunar province:
Jawed Safi wins with 6,912 votes
Mawlawi Shahzada Shaheed wins with 6,312 votes
Nematullah Karyab wins with 6,246 votes
Wazhma Safi wins with 4,254 votes

Two candidates including one man and one woman have secured seats in parliament from Nuristan province:
Obaidullah Nuristani wins with 2,535 votes
Zahida Faizan wins with 675 votes.

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