IEC Establishes Committee to Look into Various Impediments of Elections

Independent Election Commission Chief Abdul badi Sayyad held a press conference on Monday to brief about all the incidents surrounding the elections that took place on 20th and 21st October. He began by confirming that the ballot boxes are being transported to the main centre for final count, adding that the ballot boxes have been collected from Kabul polling centers. Currently, the ballot boxes being transferred to Kabul.

There were a lot of issues that sprouted during the elections and one of them might have been fraudulent activities or violations of electoral law. To address that issue, the IEC chief confirmed that culprits who are found guilty of such activity or violations shall be punished.

With respect to the issue of closed centres on election day, Sayyad expressed regret and said that it happened due to serious security concerns.

In order to look into the biometric shortcoming of the elections, it was announced by the IEC Chief that a committee has been established to investigate the problems that occurred in the use of biometric technology during the elections. He added that the commission will prepare a detailed report on all the polling stations, as well as any violations and negligence that were reported on the election day and 48 hours after it.

As regards to the committee which will investigate all irregularities and inconsistencies reported like the voter list issue or failure of various polling stations to open, and even  the problems around biometric technology. Those found guilty in this committee’s findings will be prosecuted according to Sayyad.

Abdul badi Sayyad, Independent Election Commission Chief

“I’ll investigate and punish perpetrators. The commission will also probe fraud and claims of vote-rigging,” assured Sayyad in the press conference.  He also clarified that the IEC is working with electoral complaints commission to check fraud and violations and bring about necessary measures conforming to the law. Sayyad clarified that fake votes when found will not be counted.

Sayyad was glad to announce that the elections had been a success where they “wrapped up a great mission in little time,” making the entire experience a huge learning opportunity for future elections. He said that the work was commended by the fact that the level of people’s confidence in the IEC has reportedly risen to a whopping 90%.
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Now that the elections are over, Sayyad found it best to speak a little about what needs to be done now, so he pointed out that the candidates must collect their posters from the city, failure of which would be considered a violation.

“We have not received voter turnout data from second day of election”, Sayyad informed but he also pointed out that 33% voters on day one of voting were women,” and that nearly 4 million people casted ballots on both the election days.

The parliamentary elections finally ended on Sunday despite many challenges. Rounding up to the elections were several issues that were anticipated, and even the IECC had pointed out after the elections that problems need to be countered for a transparent process of voting. IEC chief’s press conference comes amidst all the discourse around the elections.

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