IEC: Over 400000 “Ghost” Voters Removed from the Database

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has announced that after entering the names and other registered voter’s information into the National Election Database and bringing reforms to the voters list from last year, more than 400000 ghost voters were removed from the database.

In a statement, the Independent Election Commission said on Saturday night that, a total of 329312 people were registered in the new round of voter registration and in addition to that, 1791 volumes of books were used.

The commission said that in general process of voters’ registration in Ghazni province, a total of 244409 people had been registered.

The statement further added that, including around 9.1 million voters from last year, the total number of voters registered in IEC database has already reached to more than 9.6 million individuals.

After entering the names and other voter registration information in the National Election Database and bringing the necessary reforms and corrections in last year’s voters list, more than 400,000 cases were removed from the database, while spelling mistakes which existed before have been corrected, but there are still some problems and challenges, as per IEC.

The Election Commission attributed the existing challenges to security issues and noted that registration materials have been transferred from some districts to the capital.

According to the commission, so far, the list of voters from last year, given the possibility that people have registered with fake ID (taskira), have not been verified and this process is underway.

The Central Statistics Organization has pledged to finalize their commitment in refining their work as soon as possible, the statement added.

IEC also added that about 200000 people who enrolled in two different polling centers as a result of moving from one area to the other, will be reduced from the total number provided.

The Independent Election Commission made the statement regarding reforms on registration of the voters list as the presidential election is scheduled to be held on 28 September. The next presidential election campaign is scheduled to begin by next week.

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