IEC Under Presidential Pressures to Postpone Presidential Election: Atmar

In a statement issued by the press office of Hanif Atmar, it is stated that, “It is reported that the Electoral Commission, under pressure from the government, intends to postpone the date of the presidential election.”

This is in direct opposition to paragraph 2 and 3 article 61 of the Constitution and the provisions of Articles 47 and 71 of the Electoral Law, which would lead the country to a crisis, according to the statement.

The statement added that “it is illegal to impose political pressure on the commission to postpone the election and we do not consider it acceptable.”

The statement also said that the reason of Commission’s for the delay in the election is that “the candidates have not yet come for registration ” which is unjustified and unacceptable.

“We consider this delay as the beginning of the electoral process engineering by the government and we express our serious concern” the statement expressed.

The statement also noted that due to the fact that the government’s interventions and engineering led the Wolesi Jirga election to a crisis, any government intervention in the presidential election would create a deep and widespread crisis in the country.

“According to Article 61 of the Constitution The presidential term shall expire on 1st of Jawza of the fifth year after elections, so delaying the presidential election will lead to a legal and political legitimacy crisis.”

In order to hold the elections fairly and transparently, we call on the Independent Election Commission to maintain its independence and impartiality in holding the elections, to carry out comprehensive measures in coordination and consultation with the candidates, parties and political movements, and to prevent making decisions secretly and unilaterally.

The statement also called on the international community, as a donor, to support the holding of presidential election, according to the calendar, and the implementation of electoral reform.

The announcement also stated that, given the existing system and capacity of the election commission, the holding of multiple elections simultaneously complicates the process and weaken the electoral monitoring and undermined its transparency, therefore, such a decision is impractical and unacceptable.

Hanif Atmar’s press office also said that we believe that in case of failure to comply with the above statements, the political and legal crisis will deepen and we will not allow the country to be in such a situation.

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