Inclusive Afghan Political Dispensation Vital to Confront Prevailing Challenges: Pakistan’s FO

Pakistan while calling for sustained reduction of violence in Afghanistan, underlined the importance of inclusive political dispensation to help fortify the efforts needed by Afghan people to effectively confront the prevailing challenges.

In a statement, Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesperson said that Pakistan had consistently underlined the importance of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, which it deemed indispensable for peace and stability in the region and beyond.

She said the US-Taliban Peace Agreement signed in February 2020 was a significant step forward, creating a historic opportunity for the move towards intra-Afghan negotiations.

“We believe that the pursuit of sustained reduction in violence by all concerned parties is pivotal in advancing the cause of peace in Afghanistan. The unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19 and the advent of the holy month of Ramazan further underscore the imperative of creating a conducive environment,” she remarked.
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The spokesperson said Pakistan also wished to underline the importance of political reconciliation among all Afghan parties and stakeholders. An inclusive political dispensation would indeed help fortify the efforts that the Afghan nation needs at this critical time to effectively confront the challenges it faces, she added.

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