India Caters One Thousand Other Scholarships to Afghanistan

Afghan Ministry of Higher Education has announced that India will provide Afghanistan one thousand scholarships at various levels of education.

The Afghan Ministry of Education said in a statement on Monday that, during a meeting with Abdul Tawab Bala Karzai, the deputy Academic and Professional of the ministry of education and Acting Minister of Ministry of Education, Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Mr. Vinay Kumar said that his country is interested to have more academic cooperation with Afghanistan.

The Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan expressed the readiness of India to provide one thousand scholarships to Afghan Ministry of Education in 1399 solar year and implement it based on the necessities of the ministry.

Mr. Kumar has indicated that India wants to set up long-term and short-term capacity building training programs in India for chancellors of universities, deans of faculties and head of departments.

He asked he acting Minister of Ministry of Higher Education to travel to India to coordinate more on practical and implementation phase of the work.

Referring to the historical ties between India and Afghanistan in this meeting, the acting Minister of Ministry of Higher Education called India a long-standing friend and country that promotes contemporary knowledge in Afghanistan.

He further added that India is one of the countries that has the most robust academic cooperation with Afghan Ministry of Higher Education.
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Bala Karzai has urged India to cooperate with Afghan Ministry of Higher Education in terms of establishing new departments in fields like Forest Management, Environment, Agricultural Technology and other fields of study.

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