India Refuses to Support Interim Government Proposal, Concerned About Stability in the Region

The Indian government has sent a message to the US that any agreement along the lines of the Trump administration seeking unilateral deal with the Taliban, must protect the existing political and constitutional structure in Afghanistan.

As per a leaked draft framework which has been discussed between the US and Taliban, the two sides are considering the possibility of delaying the presidential elections in Afghanistan, and might turn to forming an interim government which would include Taliban; the interim government will work to amend the constitution and hold fresh elections.

India has thus put up a stance that it does not back the establishment of some interim government in Afghanistan.

According to the Times of India, New Delhi is looking to start a dialogue with China on this “crisis-like” situation, as it believes that Trump’s hasty decision is an irresponsible attempt to just get out of the country and keep his election promises.

It has been reported that the Indian government has also expressed its reticence about this to the US Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad on his visit to the country last month.

Although the Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat has emphasised on the need for India to join the “bandwagon” of those nations who are engaging the Taliban, the government maintains its reservations about any such contact with what it considers a terrorist group.

A source told TOI that the government is not happy about the situation in which US engages in direct talks with Taliban and gives into their demand of not involving Afghan government.

The source said “not doing things in haste doesn’t mean we are not active. We remain engaged with all factions and believe that any action of its position in haste can be counterproductive.”

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