Intra-Afghan Dialogue Kicks Off in Doha

Intra-Afghan dialogue is being hosted by Qatar and with the mediation of Germany, it started on Sunday for two days in Doha.

On Saturday, a number of Afghan politicians, civil society activists and journalists went to Qatar to participate in the summit.

With the commencement of the Intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatar, the 7th round of US and Taliban talks in Doha came to a halt.

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad in a tweet considered the Intra-Afghan dialogue as very important and said that due to the holding of the Intra-Afghan dialogue he has stopped talks with Taliban for two days.

Previously the government had said that they are not kept in the picture about the summit and also might not send any delegation to the summit, but according to the released photos from the summit, Nader Nadery who is the Chairman of Independent Administrative Reform & Civil Service Commission, Shaharzad Abkar, deputy of National Security Council, Abdul Matin Bek Director General of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance and Timor Sharan, Deputy Minister for Policy & Program at Independent Directorate Local Governance were also seen to be present at Doha Intra-Afghan dialogue.

The presidential palace spokesman had said that some government figures may attend Doha summit but in personal capacities and they will not be official representatives of the government.

Taliban had also announced that they do not talk with representatives of Kabul government and each participant of the summit is attending it on their personal capacity.

In the meantime, Waheed Omer, Senior Advisor to the President of Afghanistan on Public and Strategic Affairs said that those individuals who went to Qatar will talk and discuss the current situation of Afghanistan with Taliban.

He also spoke about the close relationship between Afghan government and United States and said that president Ghani has talked with Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad for one hour and half about the issue and Mr. Khalilzad expressed optimism that within the next two months, an initial agreement will be reached regarding peace process.

Meanwhile, Fawzai Koofi, one of the participants of Intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha said in a tweet that she had discussed the progress of US talks with Taliban and the women agency in post peace agreement with US special representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, and also stressed that no peace process is sustainable without women. “Glad to see more women engaged in the process this time”, she said.

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