Intra-Afghan Peace Conference: Taliban Agrees to Steer Clear of Violence, Non-Interference of Other Countries in Afghanistan Urged

The unofficial translation of resolution between Taliban and Afghan representatives the Intra-Afghan Peace Conference which was held 8n Doha, for two days, was released.

The participants emphasised on the continuation of dialogue and agreed on several points to reach a sustainable peace.

Firstly, the participants had consensus that achieving sustainable peace is the demand of Afghan people and is only possible through Afghan inclusive negotiations.

“Afghanistan is a united, Islamic country and home for all different ethnicities. Islamic sovereignty, social and political justice, national unity, territorial sovereignty, which all Afghans are committed upon”, the statement read.

It was agreed upon that Afghanistan shall not be witness of another war and its only an intra Afghan agreement like this that would bring a solution.

The following steps were conceded to bring effective negotiations: “Conflict partied shall avoid threats, revenges and conflicting words and shall use soft terminologies and not fuel conflict and revenge”, and the “Doha Peace conference participants strongly support current peace talks and believe in positive outcomes from negotiations that will be fruitful”.

It was also decided upon that measures have to be taken to create a trustable environment for peace for which violence has to be decreased.
Firstly, unconditional release of elders, disabled and sick inmates shall happen.
Secondly, security of public institutions shall be ensured.
Thirdly, educational institution like schools and universities shall be respected.
Fourthly, dignity of people, their life and property shall be respected ans civilian casualties shall be minimised to zero.

The negotiations also conceded that women’s rights in political, social, economic, educational, and cultural affairs “within Islamic framework” shall be assured.

A roadmap for peace was ensured based on several conditions like: institutionalisation of Islamic system, commencing peace process simultaneously with accomplishment of all terms set forth, monitoring peace agreement, reforming and preserving fundamental institutions that belong to Afghans, repartition of immigrants and return of IDPs, support and assistance from donor countries, assurance of Afghan peace in international conferences, and assurances of zero interference from neighbouring and regional countries in Afghanistan.

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