IS-K Seeks to Establish Islamic Caliphate in Badakhshan

Afghan local officials in Badakhshan province have said that the IS-K groups are moving to establish a stronger military presence in the province so they can continue the war against the Afghan security forces.

According to the local officials, there are around 400 fighters linked with various ‘terrorist groups’ such as Daesh, the Tajikistan-based Ansarullah militant group, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, the Harkat-i-Islami Uzbekistan and the Uighur jihadists, and these fighters are operating in various parts of the province, but especially in the Khastak valley of Juram district.

According to them, the group is seeking to establish an Islamic Caliphate.
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Badakhshan province has borders with China, Pakistan and Tajikistan. But Khastak valley of Juram, which is adjacent to Pakistan, is an important point from a military perspective.

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