Kandahar Attack Triggers MPs to Urge Government in Suspending Diplomatic Ties with Pak

On Saturday, the members of the lower house discussed the various targeted violent attempts by Pakistan and ISI towards Afghanistan’s military commanders, and political activists.

In the light of the recent assassination of Kandahar’s late police chief Gen Razeq by Taliban, the MPs of Wolesi Jirga emphasised that the attack was definitely a ploy of Pakistan and ISI. And because of this reason, the MPs insisted that Afghanistan should cut diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

“It would have been better to suggest to Afghan government to accept the suggestion of suspending its diplomatic ties with Pakistan as soon as possible,” MP Saleh Mohammad Saljoqi said. MP Iqbal Safi also added that Kabul is overlooking the matter that military commanders and political activists of Afghanistan are in danger at the hands of insurgents and Pakistan intelligence.

The speaker of the house assured that security chiefs will be briefing the parliament soon about the Kandahar attack, after which the MPs will be free to make a decision on whether or not it will be best to diplomatically cut-off from Pakistan.

This agency in violence of Pakistan has been previously pointed out by President Ashraf Ghani in his address to the people of Kandahar while he was visiting Kandahar to pay tribute to Late Gen Raziq. President Ghani said that Pakistan must step up and hand over those who plotted the attack.

On 18th October, a Taliban insurgent disguised as a bodyguard of Kandahar governor open fired at a meeting in the governor’s office to specifically attack Gen Razeq. Gen Razeq along with 2 other people was killed and many others including the governor were injured.

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