Khalilzad Welcomes Announcements by Afghan Palace, Taliban, Qatar to Start Peace Talks on Sep12

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad has welcomed the announcements by the Afghan government, the Taliban group and Qatari government to start peace negotiations on September 12.

“I welcome the announcements by Qatar, the Afghan Palace, and the Taliban to start Afghanistan Peace Negotiations on Sep 12. This is a historic opportunity to end a forty-year war that has no military solution and kills too many Afghans,” he said in a tweet.

US envoy stated that the road to negotiations has been long and will remain difficult.

“No important achievement is ever easy. It is now the responsibility of Afghan leaders to capitalize on this moment and end this brutal and mindless war,” he asserted.

“There is no political settlement without compromise. Recent Afghan history shows that seeking a monopoly of power and enforcing one’s ideology by force leads to conflict and makes the country vulnerable to interference by others,” he added.

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