Leadership Council for Reconciliation Established, President Ghani Warns Against Appointment of Anti-Democracy Personalities

At the first meeting of Leadership Council for Reconciliation, Afghan President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani emphasized that those who spoke against gains of the last 18 years, the establishment and democracy should not be appointed in negotiating team.

President Ashraf Ghani chaired the first meeting of the council which was held on Monday in Kabul and he discussed about two issues, including the appointment of the negotiating team of the peace talks and the agenda of the next peace summit in Qatar.

Mr. Ghani emphasized against appointing those in the team, who spoke against gains of the last 18 years, the establishment and democracy.

The meeting, which was attended by political and Jihadi leaders and representatives of various factions of Afghanistan and in the meeting, Ghani emphasized that the people of Afghanistan are now in a single queue for peace.

He, elaborated: “It is a pleasure that in the present the leaders of the Afghan government and other Jihadi and political leaders outside the government, as well as representatives of the civil society, women and youth under the umbrella of the government, are in a single queue to advance the peace process”.

It was reported to news sources that the government has already prepared two lists of individuals for peace talks with the Taliban-A list of 37 people as Council for Reconciliation and a second list 22 individuals for negotiations.

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