Mohaqiq Accuses Ghani of Firing those Who Didn’t Side with Him

Second Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq while addressing a ceremony on coordination among presidential candidates expressed that the government assets and facilities should not be used for campaigns in the upcoming presidential elections.

Mohaqiq remarked in light of recent electoral amendment that reforms and appointments in government are targeted at elections.

He went on to comment that President Ghani fires those who have not joined his electoral team and disturbs his security, citing General Jurat as an example.

Mohaqiq claimed that some fictitious projects are being inaugurated by the president for election campaigns. “The president is trying to intervene in the presidential election by dismissing electoral commission members. The president has threatened a number of provinces to change the results of the parliamentary elections”, he said.

In light of these comments the deputy spokesperson to the President, Shah Hussain Murtazawi clarified that all actions taken by the president are in “accordance with the law”, and that those who have made allegations should provide evidence.

Recently, the draft electoral amendment was approved by the Afghan cabinet, enforcing a decree by the president for dismissal of the members and chiefs of IEC and IECC.
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