MoI Announces Measures to Reduce Vulnerability of ANP personnel, Restricts their Social Media Behaviour

The Interior Ministry announced new measures on Thursday, to reduce the vulnerability of its ministry personnel.

Najib Danesh, spokesperson for the Afghan Ministry of Internal Affairs, said on his Facebook page that the ministry has taken measures to reduce the vulnerability of the ministry’s personnel, to prevent leaking sensitive information, to preserve the confidentiality of duty secrets at all levels, and to protect the identity of its staff.

Based on these measures, all police forces in the center and provinces, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 30th of police law, can not publish the following through social, print and visual media:

Firstly, decrees and provisions of the authorities regarding the appointment, displacement, promotion and other personnel affairs.

Secondly the secrets, information, duty directions and the manner of operations and other issues related to the ANP movements.

Thirdly inspection, investigation of criminal cases, achievements and other issues related to anti-crime operations.

Fourthly, criticism of Leadership and existing and dismissed superior officials.

Moreover, participate in media discussions and use of information that they have had access to at the present or previous times or comment on potential crises at different levels.
Furthermore, images of vehicles, guns and equipment or pictures and videos of the ANP offices, stations, checkpoints, outposts and facilities cannot be published.

Additionally individual and collective photos of themselves with ANP uniform, and sharing the photos of ceremonies such as receiving Chapan, gifts and congratulations is not allowed.

Lastly, MoI personnel can only voluntarily share the ministry’s official and public orders, directives, guidelines, announcements, and messages through their social media pages.

The interior ministry spokesperson continued to warn that all the personnel of the Ministry will be obliged to abide by their obligations and, in case of violation and refusal of the mentioned materials, they will be subject to dismissal.

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