MoI Issues Directives for Political Demonstrations

The Ministry of Interior on Monday issued some directives in a statement on Twitter, saying that while the Afghan security forces respect and honor the legitimate and democratic rights of the every Afghan, they call on the presidential candidates rally of demonstrators to consider paying serious attention to the following matters:

Firstly, No individual has the right to cause chaos in the city or harm the peace and safety of the city residents.

Secondly, All demonstrators are, very strictly, barred from carrying and possessing deadly weapons or firearms throughout the rally.

Thirdly, No demonstrator has the right to behave violently or intimidatingly with members of the security forces.

Ministry of Interior Affairs said it has total preparation to provide full security and protection for the demonstrators

“Any individual that would cause any discomfort for the people or conduct unlawful behavior, will face legal action by the Afghan National Police members”, the statement conceded.

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