MoI: Taliban Launched Spring Offensive

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) says it looked as if the Taliban had started their spring offensive without the usual formal announcement of an end to the winter lull.

In the joint news conference, Masood Andarabi, acting minister of interior, Ahmad Zia Seraj, NDS chief, and Bismillah Waziri, army chief, said the Taliban have launched more than 3,800 attacks since the signing of U.S- Taliban peace deal in Doha.

Pointing to the recent attacks on a maternity hospital in Kabul, funeral ceremony in Nangarhar and today’s attack in Ghazni, the acting minister of interior said, the Taliban has not cut ties with the international terrorism and strengthed it with new methods.

In the meantime, the NDS chief said Taliban have recruited many students from Pakistani seminaries after their closure due to COVID-19.

He said their intelligence information shows a closed cooperation between the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Tehreek e Islami Uzbekistan, Tehreek e Turkmenistan Sharqi, and Lashkar-e-Tayba, and fighters from these groups are fighting alongside Taliban.

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