Moscow Trilateral Meeting: Orderly and Responsible Withdrawal of International Troops And Next Round Of Intra-Afghan Dialogue

On April 25, 2019, representatives of the US, Russia and China met in a trilateral meeting at Moscow to discuss the status of the Afghan Peace process. Crucial issues surrounding the peace for the people of Afghanistan and to handle the current situations properly were discussed.

The participants acknowledged the need for sovereignty, independence and the territorial integrity of the war tor nation in order to capacitate it to choose a development model. Peace for the nation coming from the people of Afghanistan was visibly prioritized.

A major agreement was on speeding up the peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government by allowing a proper delegation in the view to promote Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace proceedings. Agreeing to provide assistance for the same the parties also announced another intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha (Qatar).

The talks seemed to acknowledge and take notice of promises and assurances made by both the Afghan government and the Taliban. The aim of the Afghan government to combat terrorism and extremist organizations and that of the Taliban to fight ISIS and cut ties with Al-Qaeda, ETIM, and other international terrorist groups; ensure the areas they control will not be used to threaten any other country and further will not recruit, train or hire, expel any known or new potential terrorists.

The strong push for peace and immediate indeed from the people of Afghanistan was mentioned and as a result of a desire for a comprehensive ceasefire. The three nations innately called for an orderly withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan as part of the exchange deal in the ongoing peace processes.

Trilateral meeting laned on a consensus on the aforementioned issues and simultaneously asked other regional nations to be part of the consensus for the speedy retrieval of peace.

Other issues that found a place in the talks were about drug trafficking and illegal drug trade and the parties called upon the Afghan government to anything in their capacity to control and stop the same.

As an indication of the seriousness and future possible engagements, the three sides agreed on a phased expansion of their consultations before the next trilateral meeting in Beijing. The date and timings of this meeting are yet to be finalised and will be done so via diplomatic channels.

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