Motherland Election Team Begins Campaign, Jalili Promises Employment & Appointment Based on Merit

Sayyed Nurullah Jalili, presidential election candidate who leads the Modar Watan (Motherland) Election Team pointed out that these days no one is employed based on merits, but based on ties. “I promise to remove that culture”, he assured.

At his first campaign rally in Kabul, Jalili vowed to ensure an enduring peace in the country, end poverty, support rule of law and move Afghanistan towards self-reliance.

He highlighted the reality of the country by saying that the present state of Afghanistan is similar to its 1970s phase, and recalled Taliban’s massacres in Bamyan and other parts of the country. “I will not let the country go back to the 1970s”, Jalili expressed.

He questioned how those who are guilty and those innocent will be different as and when US withdraws its troops from Afghanistan, and the Taliban happen to march into Afghan cities with their weapons, reflecting that Taliban may wreak havoc.

“The current politicians will not suffer from difficult conditions in Afghanistan, as their families who live abroad do not experience it”, he said.
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“Our team has been established with an aim to save Afghanistan and I haven’t come neither for position nor money. I swear to you, I have enough money to sustain myself for the next 100 years, but I just came because I owe this country,” Jalili said.

He expressed that the time has come for Afghans to say no to figures who have deceived people for the past 18 years. “You saw them saying that no Afghan is superior to any other Afghan which was a lie,” he emphasized.

He said that all Afghan companies suffer from unemployment but the government only award the contracts to Turkish and Chinese companies these days.

While referring to reports of ethical corruption in presidential palace, Jalili said: “They said we are practicing Islamic ethics, but you make a judgment about it in the light of allegations of sextual harassment.”

The Motherland Election Team is the sixth team that kicked off their election campaign.
The presidential election is scheduled to be held on 28 September 2019 and election campaigns will end 48 hours before the ballot in order to operate electoral silence.

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