MPs Condemn Pakistan Shelling Of Kunar As Officials Agree To Investigate Cause Of Conflict

Following the Pakistani military’s missile attack on parts of Kunar province, the House of Representatives summoned the acting Minister of Interior Affairs Masoud Andarabi to report on Saturday.

However, security officials declined to answer the parliament’s queries in front of the media.

The Foreign Ministry announced that they have agreed to a comprehensive investigation between Afghan and Pakistan defence officials to understand the cause of the incident and take measures to prevent it in the future.

In its statement, the Foreign Ministry said they had spoken to the Pakistani Ambassador in Kabul while the Afghan Embassy in Pakistan had lodged a protest and complaint with the Pakistani government.

On Wednesday night, Pakistani and Afghan forces clashed in the Sarkano district of Kunar, after which Pakistani forces fired rockets at parts of the district – killing eight civilians and wounding about 10 others.

According to local officials in Kunar, the clashes began when Afghan troops stopped the construction of a Pakistani military checkpoint on Afghan soil.

The Parliament report said that in the past year, the Pakistani military has fired more than 13,000 mortar rounds into the eastern provinces of Kunar and Nuristan, killing and injuring dozens.
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Afghanistan has even lodged a complaints with the UN Security Council.

The lawmakers described the Pakistani military’s continued missile launches as barbaric and accused the government of being careless with the rights of the people.

“So far, 93 of our countrymen have been martyred,” said Nematullah Karyab, one of the MPs.

“Unfortunately, the Pakistani military has established installations in Kunar province,” added Wazhma Safi, another parliamentarian.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Foreign Ministry said that contact had been established between the defence officials of the two countries to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

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