National And Jihadi Figures: Election Leads Country Into Crisis

A number of national figures and Jihadi leaders have issued a statement, saying ‘Peace’ is a major issue which should be at the top of national agendas.

They believe that holding the Presidential Election in the current situation will push the country into crisis.

According to the statement released on Monday, the national figures, Jihadi leaders and the representatives of civil society will hold a broader campaign to revive peace in the country.

They stated that the peace process should be a transparent, national, Afghan process and under the leadership of the Afghan people so that people can make decisions in the light of national interests, preserving territorial integrity and consolidate the country’s independence.

“Peace will be achieved when an Afghanistan-wide delegation consists of people and the government talks directly and independently with the Taliban with a united national stand for peace”, the statement reads.
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They have also called on the Taliban to engage in talks directly with the Afghan delegation, resume the halted peace talks with the US and pave the way for formal talks between the Afghans.

The Jihadi and national personalities noted that the peace talks between the Taliban and the United States must be transparent and that the Afghan people should be fully aware of the issues related to their fate; therefore, no peace will be sustainable in which the sovereignty of Afghan people not fully secured.

These politicians insisted that an enduring peace needs a national consensus within the country and urged the neighboring countries, regional nations and the world to cooperate with Afghanistan to consolidate peace and to be the guarantor for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

The figures have emphasized that holding elections in a situation that its ownership and leadership are not in hands of Afghan people, as well as the political and security conditions for a transparent election is impossible will lead the country to a deeper, wider political and social crisis.

They have also stressed that the election not only can reduce crisis in the country but also cause a double crisis, further divide the people, weaken the institutions, the trust to democracy and political participation.

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