National Unity Government Has Divided IECC and IEC Commissioners to Satisfy Their Own Interests: Hekmatyar

Hizb-e-Islami leader Hekmatyar addressed a live press conference on Sunday. He spoke mostly about the recently held parliamentary elections and the upcoming presidential elections.

With respect to the recent parliamentary elections, Hekmatyar cited fraud and called for for invalidation of parliamentary votes which were recorded without biometric process. He alternatively suggested re-holding the election together with presidential poll.

Hekmatyar also claimed that candidates were giving bribes to secure a seat in parliament.

Taking the election matter further, he said “Taliban are now taunting as we quit fighting to bring about change through elections”.

Turning the issue of discussion to presidential elections, the Hizb-i-Islami leader said that even “Former US ambassador had told me that they would recognize the government if Hizb-i-Islami won majority in elections. Hizb-i-Islami candidates have won one-third of votes in recent parliamentary election”.

Hekmatyar claimed that his party candidate got the majority votes in parliamentary elections, adding that the NUG has only divided the electoral commissions’ commissioners between themselves and asked them to do fraud for their vested interests, “As representatives of some of certain parties and teams did not win in the Kabul parliamentary election, election commissions have declared the results of Kabul to be invalid”.

He also blamed the poor governance for the ongoing crisis in the country.

When asked about the presidential candidate from his party, he said that “The Hizb-i Islami will not nominate an independent candidate in the presidential election, but will introduce a candidate jointly with other parties”.

He explained that “We have a group of political parties and its high council will decide on presidential candidate. Then the council will be the ultimate authority in the next regime, as we don’t want a dictator president.

Elaborating further on the nature of the cabinet for their agenda, he said that “Taliban’s share in our cabinet won’t be lesser than the other political parties”.

He also made it clear that there won’t be any ticket for a chief executive under them.

Finally, on the matter of the advisory council for peace, Hekmatyar expressed that he rejects such an advisory board for peace, and he said that the council’s role should not be solely advisory. He emphasised on a full authoritative role of the advisory council for peace which would give it the power to decide during negotiations as well.

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