NATO Airstrike In Kandahar Kills 25 Pakistani Members of Taliban

Kandahar police said NATO Resolute Support carried out an air strike in the Takht-e-Pol district of Kandahar, on Monday night, killing 25 Taliban members, including Pakistani nationals who fight for the group.

However, NATO has not commented on the incident yet and sources on condition of anonymity told Reporterly that NATO was not behind the operation.

Jamal Barakzai, spokesperson for the Kandahar Police Command, said that the Taliban fighters who were targeted had been planning to launch an attack on Afghan security forces outposts in the Thoro area of the district.

Several bodies were left behind after the strike, and documents showed that they were all Pakistani citizens.

Barakzai said that five more Taliban were also killed and two wounded in counterattacks by security forces in the Arghistan district while seven Taliban were killed and four injured when attacks were repelled in the Taghray area of Maruf district of Kandahar.

The Taliban have not yet commented on any of the incidents.

Last week, the Taliban had accused the U.S. forces of violating the Doha Agreement for “launching several drone strikes in non-combat zones” in the provinces of Helmand, Ghazni and Zabul.

In the past, Allied forces have insisted that they are committed to defending the Afghan security forces in case of Taliban attacks and airstrikes are only carried out in those instances.

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