Nature of Afghanistan as Islamic Republic, Independent, Unitary and Indivisible State Unchangeable: CEO Abdullah

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday addressed a conference in Kabul on women’s role in peace process.
There he expressed that “One of the factors of continued conflict in Afghanistan is that the Taliban has not been ready for face-to-face talks with the Afghan government,” referring to the Taliban’s demand of not talking directly to Afghan government.
Contrary to the various preconditions and demands put up by Taliban, Dr Abdullah said that from government’s side, there are “No preconditions for start of peace negotiations with the Taliban. We are ready for peace and there is no condition at this stage or at the beginning of the peace process”.

He said that Afghan government’s team will reflect the demands of all Afghans during negotiations with the Taliban.

Talking about the peace process, he said “The peace process would lead to an outcome that would be welcomed by Afghans”, while also adding that “All the people in Afghanistan, men and women are demanding peace”.

He also clarified that “When we say negotiations carry conditions, it means that we are not going to get back to dark ages. Peace must be stable and dignified, and there will be no regret in peace. Those who stop fighting and join peace should not think that they are disgraced.”

He additionally remarked that “We will not sit back” and assured that “the people of Afghanistan should not think that the negotiation is happening only with one side”. He assured that that all people must know that they have an agency, a say in the peace process.

Dr Abdullah also expressed his gratitude towards the efforts by the international community and the the United States for Afghan peace.

He further explained that changes could be brought to the Constitution but only through constitutional means. But he cleared that no change shall be brought to the Article 1 which says “Afghanistan shall be an Islamic Republic, independent, unitary and indivisible state”.

He conceded saying “Some do not want stability in Afghanistan and believe that instability in the country is in their interest, we should consider this as a shared problem”, while adding that opportunity for peace shall not be missed.

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