NDS Chief Confirms Completion of Gen. Raziq’s Assassination Case

The late Kandahar Police Chief Gen. Raziq, was assassinated by the intelligence of the countries in the region, NDS Chief Masum Stankzai announced on Saturday.

Mr. Stanikzai, who spoke at the House of Representatives on Saturday said that Gen. Raziq’s murder could not be inflicted by the Taliban solely, but the assassination was carried out by the intelligence of the countries in the region. He added that the Taliban did claim responsibility after the death of Gen. Raziq initially, but later denied it. According to the NDS chief, the Taliban wanted to use a propaganda while taking advantage of Gen. Raziq’s murder.

NDS Chief said that today the entire region speaks up against the Taliban and their violence, and added that the Taliban have lost their religious and social legitimacy so “we need to act seriously against them.”

While describing the details of General Raziq’s assassination, the NDS Chief clarified that all elements of the assassination have been identified and some of them were captured, and in total, the case is completed from the security side.

About a fortnight ago, former Afghan National Security Chief Rahmatullah Nabil wrote on his Twitter page that General Raziq’s assailant, who was disguised and recruited as the Kandahar governor’s bodyguard was trained in a suicide training facility called “Al-Humza” which falls under the supervision of an individual called Tajmir Jawad. Mr Nabil added that Tajmir is a close ally of both the Pakistani ISI as well as the Haqqani network.

“General Raziq’s assassination was planned by Mullah Shirin, a member of Taliban’s Quetta council, in cooperation with ISI,” he added.

Doubts have been also cast on the complacency of authorities for having recruited someone without proper verification and identity cross-check.

It has also been pointed out and believed by both President Ghani as well as a group of MPs of Wolesi Jirga that the assassination was a plan plotted in Pakistan. President Ghani, on his visit to Kandahar soon after Gen Raziq’s assassination stated in an address, that Pakistan must hand over the perpetrators of this attack.

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