NDS Warns Taliban: Revenge For Samangan Attack Will Be Taken

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) warned the Taliban that they would be launching attacks as soon as possible, in response to the militants’ attack on the NDS complex in Samangan.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the NDS pointed that the Taliban had intensified their attacks on civilians since the start of negotiations and the signing of the peace agreement in Doha, showing “it does not adhere to the human rights standards and international obligations.”

Referring to Monday’s attack in Samangan’s Aybak city which killed and injured a number of security forces, NDS officials and civilians, the NDS said:

“In response to the suicide attack in Samangan province, NDS has put all its operations forces and combat units on stand-by position and will launch retaliatory attacks as soon as possible to suppress the Taliban terrorists’ mercenary and foreign terrorist groups.”

They noted that the Taliban are not fulfilling their obligations under the peace agreement of reducing violence and cutting ties with foreign terrorist groups.

The Taliban are stepping up their offensive and terrorist attacks, while planning and carrying out joint missions with foreign terrorist groups, including the Al Qaeda network, the intelligence agency said.

Pledging to take revenge, the NDS said they would “spare no effort to retaliate the bloodshed of the wounded and martyrs.”

In their concluding message, NDS assured Afghans that it will not allow any terrorist group to “undermine” the values and achievements of Afghanistan.

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