New Features by Google for Gmail: Compose and Schedule Messages

15-year-old Gmail never fails to surprise us with its offerings. Today on April 1, 2019, Gmail launched yet another couple of features to serve its customer base. Google Compose and Schedule messages.

To make the user experience more interactive, actionable and hassle-free, Gmail has launched an update to the Google Compose feature. This feature works on the Smart Reply concept of Google which in turn uses machine learning to come up with writing suggestions for an email. the feature works equally well for an email from scratch or to a reply to a prior email. The motto is to help users finish sentences while writing an email in order to save time and increase efficiency and decrease errors. According to Google, Smart Compose has saved people from typing “over 1 billion characters each week” on the web.

The updated version of the feature will be rolling out soon on Andriod devices first and IOS later on. Moreover, the feature has entered the arena of multilingual by adding four new languages: Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

The difference between the previously launched Google Compose and the new update is that it can now adapt to your writing style and then offer suggestions. Earlier, the model worked on a rather standardised structure. If you greet a colleague by -” Dear friend” or ” Hello there!”, Google Compose will automatically adapt to the writing style. This makes it more user-friendly and compatible.

The next feature allows you to schedule the delivery of the emails. Google has added the feature next to the send option in the Compose window. A user can select a time to schedule the delivery of the email. After the user has scheduled it for a specific time, the email will land into the inbox of the recipient at the said time.

Gmail, has been the base email of every single user. No matter what platform you use a majority of us tend to have a Gmail account nevertheless.
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Such is the impact and reach. It speaks volumes about the popularity of the platform.

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