NSA Mohib at Ufa: Our People Need to be Recognised for Their Resilience and Sacrifices for the Region’s Stability

Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib addressed the Six-Party Meeting in Ufa, Russia, to say that Afghanistan today is a different country than five years ago-it is a reliable partner for the neighbors and the region to fight all common threats and contribute to regional security and economic integration, pointing out that Afghan people need to be recognised for their resilience and sacrifices.

He pointed out that Afghanistan has an independent army, a strong partnership with its national security forces and governmental institutions at state to state level that will improve its common efforts to eradicate illegal trafficking of narcotics & eliminate the threat of terrorism, separatism, and violent extremism.

“Over the past year, the capability of the Afghan forces to dismantle and neutralize terrorist activities have increased significantly. We are on the offensive and targeting Afghan, regional, and international terrorists alike in our country”, NSA Mohib said.

“Unfortunately, Afghan insurgents are providing the breeding ground for regional and international terrorist and criminal networks that threaten all of us; we are determined to fight for our people and all of you”, Mohib continued.

He pointed out that over the last year, the Afghan forces have conducted 5,313 operations against drug dealers and as a result, have seized 437 tons of narcotics and chemicals worth approximately $2.5 million; seized 400 weapons, 600 vehicles, and destroyed at least 60 centers of narcotics processing.

He added that 160 operations were conducted against terrorists of which 30 operations covered 9 northern provinces of Afghanistan and it is through these operations they captured terrorists who are citizens of several regional countries.
“We also arrested 400 people convicted of illegal drug dealing”, he said.

On average, Mohib highlighted that Afghanistan loses close to 50 of people on a daily basis.

“Our people deserve to be recognized for their resilience and this enormous sacrifice they pay on behalf of the region. Partnering with our people and government will help us all achieve a stable region”, Mohib remarked.

He also brought attention to the fact that President Ghani has taken bold steps towards peace from his unconditional offer for talks in early 2018 to presenting a roadmap in November 2018 and even sending a team of negotiators to UAE in December 2018.

“We have made more efforts including holding the Loya Jirga & implementing its declaration but Taliban have not reciprocated. Now it’s time for regional countries in contact with Taliban to bring them to direct negotiations with the Afghan Govt or close down their sanctuaries”, Mohib said.

He also said that the Afghan state will soon have a renewed mandate by its people through nation-wide presidential elections, “No matter who gets elected to lead the country, the Afghan Govt will be your most reliable partner. Partnering with our people & Govt will help all achieve a stable region”.

Finally, Mohib conceded that, “we believe in democratic values, universal principles of international relations, and a stable and economically developed region.I am here to assure you that we are ready to work with all of you and the rest of SCO member states and observers for a bright future for our region”.

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