NSC Warned Taliban’s Aggressions Will Not Go Unpunished

The National Security Council (NSC) has warned that the Taliban’s aggressions will not go unpunished.

“Aggression like in Zabul and Badakhshan will not go unpunished as we, together with our allies, respond forcefully,” Jawid Faisal, the spokesman of NSC said.

Jawid called on Taliban to cease violent provocation and demonstrate directly to the Afghan nation that it is sincere about peace.

“The onus is on the Taliban side: The group can choose practical steps toward peace with the nation, or it can choose violence,” he said.

NSC spokesman noted that the Afghan government will remain committed in implementing President’s Decree on March 11 and will host talks with Taliban in Kabul.
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“The government has an inclusive team and is ready to give the group the historic opportunity to negotiate sustainable peace,” he added.

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