On International Anti-Corruption Day, President Highlights Reform to Tackle Corruption

On International Anti-Corruption Day, President Ghani and many leaders addressed an event in Kabul.

President Ghani in his address at the event expressed that reforms to counter corruption are always initially opposed by elements. However, he added that a focused aim for such reforms can ‘let us go forward’.

“Reforms are based on six fundamental dimensions: belief, specific plan, roadmap, will, measure, and outcomes,” he continued, “My will and the will of the government is to root out the corruption. It is not the only duty of the president and the government, but also the role of the people, the media, civil society and the ulama and all other groups”.

“Recruitment of 22,000 civil servants based on transparent open competition by Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission, and awarding of contracts through a transparent process via National Procurement Authority are a couple of examples that indicate our commitment,” said President Ghani.

The president explained that after 9/11, billions of dollars were received in Afghanistan and despite that, infrastructure could not match up to the funds. This could be attributed to the corruption which might have diverted funds.

He conceded “One of the ways to fight corruption is to change generations, the young leadership that we are observing now has faced severe resistance to reach this point. If we do not use the committed and young leaders in the institutions, and do not place them, it means that we are moving backward again”.

Vice President Danish was also present and he too addressed the event. He said that “in route to eradicate corruption, we are facing several problem, it is not only important to control government employees but we should also control those give bribe”.

Danish emphasised that he requests the international community to not stay satisfied and stop at asking merely the governmental departments for reports. He called on international community to help Afghanistan in combating corruption.

Danish clarified that “We have passed four important laws only this solar year including the Access to Information law and if this law is implemented, corruption will not be hidden from anyone’s eyes.”

He assured that system is in place to fight corruption as he added “Over the past two years, important steps have been taken to combat corruption, the establishment of the National High Council for Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption, and the establishment Justice and Judicial Center in Combating Heavy Corruption Crimes, the necessary reforms to procurement and contracts are among these measures”.

He did admit that there are problems: “The low and inadequate capacity of government staff and lack of adequate funding in this regard are among these problems”.

US Ambassador to Kabul, John Bass expressed on this day that, “Considering the ongoing situation, there is a lot ,ore to do. Implementation of rules is important, we believe government should focus on implementation of law and those [that] violate rule should be tried”.

Ambassador Bass suggested that properties of officials be registered and those who fail to do so shall be prosecuted. He also added that “All parts of society are responsible to fight against corruption, e are helping those fight against it”.
He also clarified that “We have clear rules, and those involved in corruption will never be allowed to enter the United States”.

Finally, Tadamichi Yamamoto, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan on the World Anti-Corruption Day also expressed that “No problem is bigger than corruption in Afghanistan, UNAMA’s anti-corruption report this year has mentioned this one of the major challenges”, as he emphasised on the crucial need to fight corruption in Afghanistan.

Mr Yamamoto assured that “We are here with you because we are united in our sincere commitment to helping Afghanistan in improving its future. We are here because we understand that addressing corruption requires consistent, inclusive, and strategic work.”

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