Once held in Guantanamo, ‘Leading’ Taliban Men Now Found in Their Qatar Political Office

In a coverage by the Wall Street Journal, it has been pointed out that some certain leading members of the Taliban who were once held by the US in the Guantanamo Bay, are now free and open, and joining the group’s political office of Qatar. This is as per information by the sources within Taliban.

Known as the “Taliban Five”, the act of bringing the insurgents once held into the dialogue between Washington and Taliban had been a demand by the group. Although it was earlier countered by the US, the leaders are now present.

Four of these leaders are supposed to be senior members of Taliban. When they join Taliban’s group of political representatives and subsequently hold talks with Washington like they reportedly did in September and October, the reception of the Taliban political office will change to being taken seriously.

The “Taliban Five” consists of Mohammad Nabi, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Norullah Noori, Mohammad Fazl and Khairullah Khairkhwa.
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They were released from Guantanamo Bay in 2014 as a part of US exchange for the release of an American soldier held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan. But until now, they had an extremely private life and they were not even allowed to participate in political meeting or were allowed to travel.

Wall Street Journal claims that as told by a spokesperson of Taliban, the five joined the Qatar office on Monday.

The political climate under Obama administration was such that there was some encouragement of dialogue between US and Taliban to the extent that their Gulf office of Qatar began in 2013. It was closed soon after after Afghan government prompted. Then office had been functioning since then irrespective according to Wall Street Journal.

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