Over 15 Afghan Forces Killed by Taliban in Multiple Overnight Raids

Over 15 Afghan security forces were killed in Taliban’s overnight raids in Kunduz, Jawzjan and Kandahar, according to different sources.

In Jawzjan, insurgents stormed joint check posts of the army and the police in the Bala Hissar area of the Aqcha district.

While a provincial council member said at least 15 security forces were killed and six others wounded, the Ministry of Defence said six soldiers were killed and three wounded.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the Jawzjan attacks and called it a reaction to a “massive operation” that had been planned against them. The group’s spokesman said they had decided to take the initiative and had acted in advance to “kill, wound and capture” 49 security forces.

In neighbouring Kunduz, coordinated attacks by the Taliban were staged on army check posts at the outskirts of the provincial capital. A local radio station, Salam Afghanistan said at least six Afghan soldiers were killed and over five injured in the attacks.
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Another group of attacks in Kandahar’s Zherai and Takhta pul districts saw the death of a policeman while another was injured.

The escalation in violence comes even as the international community has been warning the Taliban to reduce violence as a confidence-building measure before the start of the Afghan peace process, including NATO, the U.S. and Russia.

Figures by the Office of the National Security (NSC) released over the weekend showed that the Taliban had killed or wounded 422 security personnel within a week, despite the unannounced ceasefire.

The data also showed that 222 attacks had been carried out by the Taliban in 29 provinces during the week.

The NSC has been stressing that the Taliban have been taking advantage of the ceasefire to continue to kill Afghans.

“The Taliban has not reduced the violence but increased it,” Javid Faisal, NSC spokesman said at a press conference.

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