Over Last Month, 63 Civilians Killed & 134 Others Injured Across Afghanistan

Civil Protection Advocacy Group (CPAG) has said that over the last month, 63 civilians were killed in Afghanistan and 134 others were injured which indicates the decline of 1.5 per cent than the previous months.

Based on the reports of the group, civilian casualties and injuries declined in June compared to the previous month and the main reason for this decrease is the occurrence of only one Suicide attack, Civil Protection Advocacy Group announced in a report.

Based on the findings of the group, compared to previous months, in June, civilians suffered casualties and injuries only in 11 provinces, as a result 134 were injured and 63 others killed.

According to the Group, 5 women and 6 children are among killed individuals and 7 women and 16 children are among injured.
The highest number of civilian casualties and injuries were recorded in Nangarhar province, where 46 were killed and injured, as per CPAG.

The group stressed that, in first six months of 2019, 1981 civilians were killed and injured.

The group attributed the reduction of civilian casualties to change of the battlefield from residential areas to military bases, however the civilian casualties are still worrisome.
CPAG once again called upon all parties to the conflict to not bring harms to civilians

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