Pak Behind Kandahar Attack and Raziq’s Assassination: Prez Ghani

President Ghani made a visit to Kandahar city on Tuesday to pay homage to late police chief Gen Abdul Raziq who was assassinated just 2 days prior to the parliamentary elections.

“I want to say that this conspiracy was plotted in Pakistan. So Pakistan should give us the criminals so that we can bring them to justice,” said Ghani. During his visit, President Ghani met with Raziq’s mother and family. On Monday, it was confirmed that Gen Raziq’s brother picked up the rank of Brigadier General and also became the new provincial police chief.

The attack on Raziq happened when a Taliban placed insurgent who was recruited as Kandahar governor’s bodyguard, started to open fire in a meeting that took place in governor’s office. Raziq was killed along with Gen Momin and a journalist. Among those who were wounded included NATO’s Brig Gen Smiley and Kandahar Governor.

However, the people of the province feel that the response from the government has come in very late. For most of them, Gen Raziq was a hero who protected the province and tirelessly fought for the country bravely, but they thought that the President’s visit today did not even involve a meeting which was the least he should have done.
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Although the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul came out with a statement condemning the attack, it has been found that the perpetrator of the attack was trained under a man who is close aid of the Pakistani ISI as well as Haqqani network.

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