Pakistan Fired 29 Rockets In Kunar In Past 24 Hours

After Afghanistan complained to the United Nations about Pakistan’s attacks across the Durand Line, local officials in Kunar said that 29 rockets had been fired by Pakistani troops in the province in the past 24 hours.

Abdul Ghani Mosamim, spokesperson for the governor of Kunar, said on Monday, that the rockets hit parts of Shaltan district of the province.

He added that the attack led to huge financial losses.

On July 15, Pakistani forces had fired rockets at Sarkano district and Asadabad city, killing eight civilians and wounding 10.

Afghanistan responds to Pakistan rocket attacks

Following the Pakistani attacks, the Afghan Foreign Ministry had called on Islamabad and the Pakistani envoy to Kabul to refrain from such unacceptable actions.

They later said that through diplomatic efforts, a ceasefire agreement had been reached and a meeting of military officials from both sides.

Acting Foreign Minister Haneef Atmar told a special session of the House of Representatives, that they had complained to the UN about the attack.

Pakistani attacks have been met with widespread criticism in Afghanistan.

The House of Representatives and the Senate have condemned the attacks and called on the Foreign Ministry to pursue the issue and seek a lasting solution. They have also asked the security officials to equip the armed forces in Kunar province in terms of personnel and weapons to the “last limit” in line with diplomatic efforts and good neighbourliness.

Kabul citizens had also gathered in front of the Pakistani embassy to protest that attack.

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