Pakistan PM Imran Khan: Continuation Of War Worst-Case Scenario For Afghanistan

On the second day of his visit to Islamabad, Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the high Council for National Reconciliation, met Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday.

According to Sapedar Palace, Abdullah and Khan discussed the peace process, and bilateral ties between the two countries among other current topics.

The prime minister expressed his full support for the Afghan peace process and said he was ready to help Afghanistan in achieving peace because Pakistan would benefit the most from ensuring peace and stability in their neighbouring country.
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He reiterated Pakistan’s longstanding position that the Afghan conflict had no military solution and that only a political solution could end the war.

Khan also said that they support the reduction of violence, and the establishment of a lasting and comprehensive ceasefire in Afghanistan.

“We saw through the media how the first round of the peace talks made Afghans happy, and we know that the worst-case scenario for the Afghan people is the continuation of the war,” he said.

He expressed interest in travelling to Afghanistan. He had been extended an invitation to visit in his last talk with President Ashraf Ghani.

Khan also said he was “surprised by the brilliance” of the Afghan national cricket team, adding that Afghans do not accept defeat during struggle.

Abdullah thanked Pakistan for their support for the peace efforts by facilitating the negotiations and calling for a reduction in violence.

He also stressed that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has the will to succeed in the peace process and expects the Taliban to show their good intentions to end the war and achieve peace.

The chairman thanked the Pakistani cabinet for its decision to facilitate the visa process, which has been welcomed by the Afghan people.

Abdullah was also expected to meet Chief of Army Staff Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa on Tuesday, but there has been no indication if that happened.

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