Peace and Moderation Election Group Accuses Government of Monopolizing Peace Process

The Peace and moderation election group led by presidential candidate Hanif Atmar has claimed that the government is trying to keep away influential figures and hold exclusive control of the the Afghan peace process.

The Peace and Moderation Election Group said in a statement on Monday that the group has appraised and considered the readiness of government to enter and participate peace talks in Qatar as a positive sign but called the published list of negotiating team of government as “weak body”.

The team pointed out that the government’s unilateral approach to electing members of the National Reconciliation Council and the absence of significant and influential figures and parties in the council indicates the lack of belief of the government in national process and Afghanistan.

“These one-sided attitudes show that the government does not have sufficient motivation for the national decision and the harmony of the Afghan people, and still seeks personal and political retaliation, which leads to suspicion and distrust in the political environment of Afghanistan,” Peace and Dialogue team emphasized.

The election group added that by eliminating national and jihadists figures from parties and political parties, and a failure in observing the national and gender mix in negotiating team, indicate that the government is not aligned with the peace process, which could seriously harm the success of the peace process.

The Peace and Moderation Group has stated that the government is attempting to keep away influential figures and hold exclusive control of the peace process and these actions is in continuation of the government’s monopolistic policy to provoke opposition of the political parties of the country so that in peace process at this sensitive point comes to a deadlock.

“If the government continues to pursue this one-sided behavior, through the consultation the group will take a decisive decision with its political allies over government sabotage and monopolies,” the electoral group warned.
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