Peace With Taliban Does Not Mean End to International Terrorism: Atmar

Afghan Acting Foreign Minister, Haneef Atmar says peace with Taliban does not mean an end to international terrorism.

Atmar who was presenting his plans as nominee of foreign minister to the lawmakers at the Parliament on Monday said there will be international terrorism even if the government and Taliban achieve peace.

Atmar said one in four or five sides that are fighting the government is a foreigner.

Atmar said the government was not going to make peace with the militants.

He stressed that foreign terrorists should keep their “existence and goals” away from Afghanistan’s “clean soil”.

He made the remarks while one of the Taliban’s commitments to the United States is to cut ties with international terrorists, including al-Qaeda.

Atmar said that an active foreign policy is needed in this regard, and that Afghanistan should continue to work with the international community in the fight against international terrorism, and that the international community should work with Afghanistan in this regard.

According to Atmar, the most important type of cooperation in this regard is to support the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

On the other hand, he said that terrorism is not the only major problem in Afghanistan; Rather, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, and human trafficking go hand in hand with supporting terrorism.

Hanif Atmar says the war in Afghanistan has intensified and a new foreign policy agenda is needed.

The acting foreign minister says there is also a danger of losing national and international consensus.

Atmar stated that the first goal of foreign policy is to end the war and ensure peace in the country.

He said that the region and the international community have been made aware that peace is in their interest and that the only protection for peace is to support the republican system. He also said that the support of the United States, European countries and six neighbors and 11 countries in the region is essential to the system.

Atmar said changes and threats at the regional and international levels are included in the assessment of Afghanistan’s foreign policy.

Atmar, however, pledged to reform the Foreign Ministry and pursue foreign policy with “fidelity and honesty.”

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