People Are Now Marching Towards NATO HQ in Brussels To Protest Attack on Hazara Dominated Areas

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There has been a viral trend in terms of invitation and summon on social media wherein people in Europe, especially Sweden are planning to begin a march from their country towards the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

What might have sparked this demonstration might be the Sunday protest in which scores of people in Kabul marched from the west of the city towards the Presidential palace to protest against the neglect of the government towards humanitarian crisis in Jaghori and Malistan districts of Ghazni, and Uruzgan Khas district of Uruzgan.

A number of students in Kabul closed the gates of Kabul and Polytechnic universities to protest the crisis

For the past several days, the Taliban have been attacking these three districts with no mercy. Once considered one of the safest and most peaceful areas, these districts now face the wrath of Taliban insurgents which has caused the people themselves to take their safety in their own hands. The government has only sent forces and military support to protect recently.

The crisis in Jaghori, Malistan and Uruzgan has caused more than 2000 families to be displaced. They are now fleeing to nearby safer areas.

Many believe that since these areas are Shiite dominant and occupied by the government supporting Hazara community, the perpetrated attack on them by the insurgents makes the situation seem like a genocidal attempt by the Taliban.

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