People Will Decide Country’s Future, Our Unity is not in Danger: President Ghani

President Ghani while addressing an event on Thursday to honour government employees and their services said that there has been a considerable change in governance in Afghanistan and that it is improving.

“War is not the solution. Peace is the only solution,” Ghani said regarding the peace process and a solution to end the conflict.

President Ghani also expressed that he appreciates the “hard work” by the Independent Administration Reform and Civil Services Commission in bringing reforms in relevant institutions during the past 18 months.

He expressed his gratitude towards the patience of the Afghan people and their will for reforms and improvement.

Ghani said, “Change in governance not complying with the Constitution would neither be possible nor acceptable, we strongly reject it, the people will decide the country’s future”.

It was added that the upcoming presidential election is an opportunity for the people of Afghanistan to decide which direction they would be heading.

Talking about foreign influence, President Ghani said “Afghans have welcomed all foreigners except those who had a bad eye on the country”.
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Turning to Dari language, Ghani clarified how for the last 1000 years, Dari was the language of connection between Afghans in Afghanistan. In note of this, he also said that the civilianization in Baghdad emerged from the Balkh province of Afghanistan.

Praising Afghan women, Ghani assured and asserted no one can take the future of women from their possession.

“The people of Afghanistan will decide about the future of Afghanistan. We strongly reject any decision beyond our constitution”, he assured while adding that “our unity is not in danger”.

Ghani conceded that the Afghan nation demands reforms and those who are against reforms stand in minority.

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