Plan for Interim Government Made Outside Afghanistan Hence not Applicable Here, Says President Ghani

Addressing a group of youths and activists from the southern provinces at a gathering in the Presidential Palace on Friday evening, President Ghani reacted to the rumours to establish an interim government in Afghanistan as a part of peace plan and clarified that the plan has been outlined outside the country and that it is not applicable in Afghanistan.

Ghani expressed “Afghans are selecting the president of Afghanistan,” and that “Islamabad, Tehran and Moscow do not hold the right to elect [Afghanistan’s president]”.

He also remarked that only those who are afraid of the people are talking about an interim government, adding it is “a foreign scheme”, having been outlined outside the country.
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“The Helmand peace convoy came [to Kabul] and I met them on a street based on their demand and I listened to their demands. Now, go to Quetta and tell the Taliban that we met with the president and we can meet him anytime and [ask them that] why you are not meeting us and why aren’t you hearing our demands,” Ghani said.

President Ghani’s remarks come after Second Vice President Sarwar Danish at a gathering on Friday spoke about a similar issue and expressed that countries in the region should not impose another ‘proxy war’ on Afghanistan under the garb of Afghan peace.

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