Postponement of Presidential Elections a Constitutional Violation: Mohammad Hanif Atmar

The press office of Mohammad Hanif Atmar, a former Afghan National Security Advisor and hopeful presidential candidate, has issued a statement calling the postponement of the presidential election under. ‘pressure’ from government as a violation of constitution.

According to the statement, recent announcement by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) regarding the postponement of the presidential election has been made under pressure from the government, and “will intensify people’s distrust and discredit the independent national institutions”.

The statement continues to say that holding four elections simultaneously is outside the capacity and scope of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), and insisting on holding four elections can put the country in a ‘serious crisis’, “Given the current situation and the lack of an electronic system, the simultaneous four-election version is not only not applicable; it can also provide the grounds for a widespread fraud”.

Based on the constitution, the current government term will end on first of Jawza 1398 (May 22 2019), and Atmar’s press office statement presses that any continuation of this government after the mentioned date ‘lacks political and legal legitimacy’.

At the same time, the statement emphasizes that it is essential for the current government to withdraw from power after the end of its legal term, “Continuation of the government after the given date will undermine the Afghan democratic system and will lead the country to the crisis, therefore, all parties, political currents and representatives of the Afghan people are required to be informed in the light of the provisions of the constitution to prevent the power gaps”.

This comes after the Afghan Independent Election Commission on Sunday announced that the presidential election was postponed from April 20 to July 20, 2019.

According to the commission’s announcement, Presidential, Provincial council, district council, and Ghazni’s parliamentary elections will be held simultaneously.

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