Poverty Alleviation Key to Empowering Afghan Women Further: Ghani on International Women’s Day

In a ceremony celebrating International Women’s Day, President Ashraf Ghani said that Afghan women can participate in all walks of life and contribute to a better future for the country.

The president expressed that Afghan women have a solid voice and a clear vision for their rights adding that this is a big change.

Ghani, stating that the fundamental problem of Afghan women is poverty and majority of women living in poverty in Afghanistan, adding that most victims of maternal mortality at the time of delivery are poor women and poor women also experience the most violence.
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Keeping this in mind, he said that unless the fight against poverty isn’t manifested into a national plan, Afghan woman will continue to be poverty-stricken.

The president added that appointing a woman in a high-raking position is no longer a new issue and the participation of women in the government’s body has been widespread in recent years.

At the same celebration, chief executive Abdullah Abdullah expressed that Afghan women have given sacrifice in the past 40 years and they are still suffering from the ongoing war in the country.

He pointed how women in rural areas support their families economically as well.

“If people are asked, they will reply that they want peace and security besides education, health and other basic services”, he added.

Haneef Atmar also said that annually, 2% of mothers lose their lives while giving birth.

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